Motherhood and the power of intent ⭐️

The magic of discovering something that can make parenting a whole lot easier and fun! Who wouldn’t want a bit of magic sparkle in their lives? Your children see, perceive and experience the truth behind everything that makes you the parent that you are. It is this they make a connection to. We as parents are the performance on which a child endeavours to create and constantly mould themselves. Patience, presence and pausing – this is where the magic takes place . The learning of one’s self and the ability to stop and be aware and in control, to self regulate, to understand and to be able to embrace connection, even when faced with confrontation. Parenting is a tough task and by no means is it a simple task. It is a completely endless journey of self discovery and self confrontation, yet above all, an endless journey of fulfilment to its absolute core. Be the best you can be, and at the end of the day you, will be rest assured if a small part of your sparkle is sprinkled on your child. Every day, you are in the process of making a complete jewel – a diamond!

Love love love 💙


The intentions behind fitness

Fitness, health and peace were what I envisaged I would discover in my life as a way to bring harmony into my existence. I always had an intuitive emotion of my needs at a very young age. As I became older, it was something I yearned for everyday – the only thing that really took me out of my mind and into the moment. I knew from then on my dedication to such a cause became my salvage, my space and, more importantly, my power. Fitness, that started in the gym as a casual event, taught me to discover the space and silence that allowed me to embrace key factors so I could become closer to what I believe is a place of observations. When I say observations, I mean presence in its true form – a place where I can and am able to detach from emotion and view it as an audience participant in a stage show. Fitness pushed me through, pushed me up, down, across and around, mentally and physically. The common ground was me! By no means was I particularly athletic as a child. However, I had an extremely energetic mind sometimes, to the point where my intensity was uncomfortable to me. Fitness understood me like no other . I was driven by this unexplainable force that I knew was my inner truth, you see even though my mind was barely the determining factor for why I would initiate exercise, it also eventually became my motivating factor for keeping up with sessions. Before long, it was my mind that was driving my body to accomplishment in its many forms spiritually, mentally and physically. Amazing things can happen when we tap into our minds with great intent.

Peace and sweet dreams for today ! 🙏