Our special Green acai berry bowl

Don’t you just love that feeling of a bowl of breakfast that is  bursting with  love and life . I discovered this amazing recipe whilst on a mission to make my eldest son eat some sort of green together with wonderful, healthy fats and protein in his day. It’s a bowl of sweetness, freshness and purity together with the power to energise, revitalise and keep you happy for hours.


2 tbs Avocado

2 cups greens baby spinach or kale

1 tbs acai berry freeze dried powder

1/2 frozen banana

1/2 cup frozen rasberries/strawberries

1/2 juice of  squeezed lemon

1 heaped tablespoon of Prana vanilla Protein powder

dash of coconut water for consistency
2 cups of ice and whiz up in a Vitamin or a high speed blender until thick and frozen, like the consistency of a soft serve cream.

Serve in your favourite bowl and top with delicious toppings.


1 tbs goji berries

1 tbs roasted slivered almonds

2 tbs cocoyo coconut yogurt

2 tbs coconut seed mix, see below*


1/2 cup sunflower seeds toasted

1/2 cup slivered almonds toasted

1/2 cup pepitas toasted

1 cup designated organic coconut toasted

Tip I like to add a dash of celtic salt which becomes delicious when adding to fruits and acai bowls.

Mix all seeds and nuts together and pop it all into a jar for salads, smoothies, or just a snack.


Love without expectation

How great is it that in this world, we get to love whether it be a child, a friend, or something in object form. Love can never hurt us if we can be brave enough to love without expectation. The day I learnt to expect nothing back from who ever or whatever it was I was loving was the day my life changed and I finally felt free. My happiness was not dependant on someone else as I wasn’t waiting to receive, I was just ready to give, and that in itself felt fabulous. With loving without expectation, you are granted acceptance, and from acceptance ultimately comes peace. As a parent, it’s so easy to feel like the love you give is never enough. This leaves you in a state of never truly being enough, and on the receiving end, it’s the children who feel as though they are never enough because you are always trying to fill a void of love. Allowing yourself to love without expectation gives us and our children the realisation that all is well and they are perfect just the way they are. It also allows you and them to feel like what we all have is enough with the ability to still DREAM BIG!! When loving without expectation, we have the realisation that allows us to  accept the feeling of disappointment without resent, regret, sorrow or pain, but with the ease to always move forward and the insight that we are delivering strength, resilience and gratitude to the special people in our lives.