What is love ?

Is there a time to know when to detach from emotion whilst still staying true to your core values and spirit? It is questionable as well as a personal choice when to initiate detachment from conflict, confronting your greatest fears or just a part of your life that is not aligned with your inner truth. In a relationship, you learn to make compromises. These compromises are effortless when love guides us; they are an inevitable part of our reality. When we make the choice of compromise, there is no evident transition. A formless entity of emotion; one that’s limitless; one that’s love within you, has just taken place in the choice you just made.

When you look into your lover’s eyes, you see beyond their own judgment, perception and measurement of self worth. All that enlightens you is the light in them. Self sacrifice is questionable in love. I have never found self sacrifice and love to be of the same frequency.

Commonly, people have a perception that you have to sacrifice things when you love someone. There is no sacrifice when you love.

Sacrifice is taking something away or giving something up. Loving someone is about gaining more of what makes you whole, more of your own intentions beliefs and gratitude. It is an extension of self love, compassion and justice. To be asked to sacrifice yourself is detrimental and unjust – it is someone asking you to give up on who you are and become who they think you should be. Love is free of this.

Love is also free from resentment and greed. It allows you to be aligned with your integrity, truth and self worth. People often ask, “How does one defend their rights but not their ego, and still stand strong in their intentions and beliefs?”. I believe if the person you love cannot see the depth of their own spirit, it is not your job to change them and their perception. However, it is your responsibility to be the greatest version of yourself. In this process, you will be guaranteed that the better part of you is seen in your lover’s eyes, as truth lies in good intention.

There is no room for ego in true love. We shouldn’t be scared of living our authentic self in true love. We don’t need ego for survival in a relationship because the love stemming from you becomes all there is and all that matters.

To expose your soul in love is a beautiful thing.

Allowing  yourself to be vulnerable has power beyond measurement. Enjoy loving like you have never loved before. 💙


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