Fairy tales do exist!!

I know that through failure we find strength, through hurt we learn wisdom and through honesty we discover integrity, love and compassion. When we gain an understanding of things in life, freedom can be felt. Freedom enables our minds to become greater beyond imagination.

As difficult as it is at times, always keep your eye on the big picture, the truth in your heart and the truth in those you care so deeply about.

No amount of distraction can hide the magic you carry within you. Deep seated honesty, integrity and compassion are too difficult to turn a blind eye to. Share  your heart with the  people in the world, even the ones who you know can’t take you any deeper than the surface. Everybody needs love – it is our oxygen and each individual deserves a chance to be loved, even by a stranger, in fact. However, in life you will come across people in the world who pause vibrations and who allow connection. Love these people anyway. It also  seems like a struggle  when you thought you knew a soul with which you were in union, but this unity has become paused.

Most often than not, the ones who are truly connected to your heart are those special human beings in your life who the revealed, loved soul only knows. The truth always reveals itself – have faith in that knowledge.

Please take risks. Let your heart be open. Put your heart on the line. Fairy tales truly do work their own magic. Love with an open heart and love without judgement. xx



That gut feeling…..

Have you ever thought that maybe you are making assumptions and conclusions, or just jumping the gun a little in certain situations or circumstances? Ever found yourself questioning  your  own integrity and opinions, and making observations of circumstances you are placed in? If this is the case, doesn’t it leave you feeling very confused, doubting your own intuition, thinking this could be a figment of your imagination or just the way you are feeling about that moment?

It is a toss up between what you feel and what is. How do we ever really know the truth about what is in that moment or what someone’s true intentions are?

We don’t know someone’s true intentions for certain, that is for sure. We can only make assumptions by observations of human behaviour, dynamics, and energy felt in certain circumstances that life delivers to us.

That is pretty good math, I say, and with that information, we learn our survival. In order to survive, we need an understanding of ourselves and our own needs at some point, which only our instinct can release.

I think it is human nature to take a punt on your gut feeling.

Sometimes, yes, you can in fact be wrong, but most likely, you know what you know for a  reason. Take a punt!! #trust yourself xxx