Fairy tales do exist!!

I know that through failure we find strength, through hurt we learn wisdom and through honesty we discover integrity, love and compassion. When we gain an understanding of things in life, freedom can be felt. Freedom enables our minds to become greater beyond imagination.

As difficult as it is at times, always keep your eye on the big picture, the truth in your heart and the truth in those you care so deeply about.

No amount of distraction can hide the magic you carry within you. Deep seated honesty, integrity and compassion are too difficult to turn a blind eye to. Share  your heart with the  people in the world, even the ones who you know can’t take you any deeper than the surface. Everybody needs love – it is our oxygen and each individual deserves a chance to be loved, even by a stranger, in fact. However, in life you will come across people in the world who pause vibrations and who allow connection. Love these people anyway. It also  seems like a struggle  when you thought you knew a soul with which you were in union, but this unity has become paused.

Most often than not, the ones who are truly connected to your heart are those special human beings in your life who the revealed, loved soul only knows. The truth always reveals itself – have faith in that knowledge.

Please take risks. Let your heart be open. Put your heart on the line. Fairy tales truly do work their own magic. Love with an open heart and love without judgement. xx



That gut feeling…..

Have you ever thought that maybe you are making assumptions and conclusions, or just jumping the gun a little in certain situations or circumstances? Ever found yourself questioning  your  own integrity and opinions, and making observations of circumstances you are placed in? If this is the case, doesn’t it leave you feeling very confused, doubting your own intuition, thinking this could be a figment of your imagination or just the way you are feeling about that moment?

It is a toss up between what you feel and what is. How do we ever really know the truth about what is in that moment or what someone’s true intentions are?

We don’t know someone’s true intentions for certain, that is for sure. We can only make assumptions by observations of human behaviour, dynamics, and energy felt in certain circumstances that life delivers to us.

That is pretty good math, I say, and with that information, we learn our survival. In order to survive, we need an understanding of ourselves and our own needs at some point, which only our instinct can release.

I think it is human nature to take a punt on your gut feeling.

Sometimes, yes, you can in fact be wrong, but most likely, you know what you know for a  reason. Take a punt!! #trust yourself xxx



What is love ?

Is there a time to know when to detach from emotion whilst still staying true to your core values and spirit? It is questionable as well as a personal choice when to initiate detachment from conflict, confronting your greatest fears or just a part of your life that is not aligned with your inner truth. In a relationship, you learn to make compromises. These compromises are effortless when love guides us; they are an inevitable part of our reality. When we make the choice of compromise, there is no evident transition. A formless entity of emotion; one that’s limitless; one that’s love within you, has just taken place in the choice you just made.

When you look into your lover’s eyes, you see beyond their own judgment, perception and measurement of self worth. All that enlightens you is the light in them. Self sacrifice is questionable in love. I have never found self sacrifice and love to be of the same frequency.

Commonly, people have a perception that you have to sacrifice things when you love someone. There is no sacrifice when you love.

Sacrifice is taking something away or giving something up. Loving someone is about gaining more of what makes you whole, more of your own intentions beliefs and gratitude. It is an extension of self love, compassion and justice. To be asked to sacrifice yourself is detrimental and unjust – it is someone asking you to give up on who you are and become who they think you should be. Love is free of this.

Love is also free from resentment and greed. It allows you to be aligned with your integrity, truth and self worth. People often ask, “How does one defend their rights but not their ego, and still stand strong in their intentions and beliefs?”. I believe if the person you love cannot see the depth of their own spirit, it is not your job to change them and their perception. However, it is your responsibility to be the greatest version of yourself. In this process, you will be guaranteed that the better part of you is seen in your lover’s eyes, as truth lies in good intention.

There is no room for ego in true love. We shouldn’t be scared of living our authentic self in true love. We don’t need ego for survival in a relationship because the love stemming from you becomes all there is and all that matters.

To expose your soul in love is a beautiful thing.

Allowing  yourself to be vulnerable has power beyond measurement. Enjoy loving like you have never loved before. 💙

Our special Green acai berry bowl

Don’t you just love that feeling of a bowl of breakfast that is  bursting with  love and life . I discovered this amazing recipe whilst on a mission to make my eldest son eat some sort of green together with wonderful, healthy fats and protein in his day. It’s a bowl of sweetness, freshness and purity together with the power to energise, revitalise and keep you happy for hours.


2 tbs Avocado

2 cups greens baby spinach or kale

1 tbs acai berry freeze dried powder

1/2 frozen banana

1/2 cup frozen rasberries/strawberries

1/2 juice of  squeezed lemon

1 heaped tablespoon of Prana vanilla Protein powder

dash of coconut water for consistency
2 cups of ice and whiz up in a Vitamin or a high speed blender until thick and frozen, like the consistency of a soft serve cream.

Serve in your favourite bowl and top with delicious toppings.


1 tbs goji berries

1 tbs roasted slivered almonds

2 tbs cocoyo coconut yogurt

2 tbs coconut seed mix, see below*


1/2 cup sunflower seeds toasted

1/2 cup slivered almonds toasted

1/2 cup pepitas toasted

1 cup designated organic coconut toasted

Tip I like to add a dash of celtic salt which becomes delicious when adding to fruits and acai bowls.

Mix all seeds and nuts together and pop it all into a jar for salads, smoothies, or just a snack.

Love without expectation

How great is it that in this world, we get to love whether it be a child, a friend, or something in object form. Love can never hurt us if we can be brave enough to love without expectation. The day I learnt to expect nothing back from who ever or whatever it was I was loving was the day my life changed and I finally felt free. My happiness was not dependant on someone else as I wasn’t waiting to receive, I was just ready to give, and that in itself felt fabulous. With loving without expectation, you are granted acceptance, and from acceptance ultimately comes peace. As a parent, it’s so easy to feel like the love you give is never enough. This leaves you in a state of never truly being enough, and on the receiving end, it’s the children who feel as though they are never enough because you are always trying to fill a void of love. Allowing yourself to love without expectation gives us and our children the realisation that all is well and they are perfect just the way they are. It also allows you and them to feel like what we all have is enough with the ability to still DREAM BIG!! When loving without expectation, we have the realisation that allows us to  accept the feeling of disappointment without resent, regret, sorrow or pain, but with the ease to always move forward and the insight that we are delivering strength, resilience and gratitude to the special people in our lives.


Motherhood and the power of intent ⭐️

The magic of discovering something that can make parenting a whole lot easier and fun! Who wouldn’t want a bit of magic sparkle in their lives? Your children see, perceive and experience the truth behind everything that makes you the parent that you are. It is this they make a connection to. We as parents are the performance on which a child endeavours to create and constantly mould themselves. Patience, presence and pausing – this is where the magic takes place . The learning of one’s self and the ability to stop and be aware and in control, to self regulate, to understand and to be able to embrace connection, even when faced with confrontation. Parenting is a tough task and by no means is it a simple task. It is a completely endless journey of self discovery and self confrontation, yet above all, an endless journey of fulfilment to its absolute core. Be the best you can be, and at the end of the day you, will be rest assured if a small part of your sparkle is sprinkled on your child. Every day, you are in the process of making a complete jewel – a diamond!

Love love love 💙

The intentions behind fitness

Fitness, health and peace were what I envisaged I would discover in my life as a way to bring harmony into my existence. I always had an intuitive emotion of my needs at a very young age. As I became older, it was something I yearned for everyday – the only thing that really took me out of my mind and into the moment. I knew from then on my dedication to such a cause became my salvage, my space and, more importantly, my power. Fitness, that started in the gym as a casual event, taught me to discover the space and silence that allowed me to embrace key factors so I could become closer to what I believe is a place of observations. When I say observations, I mean presence in its true form – a place where I can and am able to detach from emotion and view it as an audience participant in a stage show. Fitness pushed me through, pushed me up, down, across and around, mentally and physically. The common ground was me! By no means was I particularly athletic as a child. However, I had an extremely energetic mind sometimes, to the point where my intensity was uncomfortable to me. Fitness understood me like no other . I was driven by this unexplainable force that I knew was my inner truth, you see even though my mind was barely the determining factor for why I would initiate exercise, it also eventually became my motivating factor for keeping up with sessions. Before long, it was my mind that was driving my body to accomplishment in its many forms spiritually, mentally and physically. Amazing things can happen when we tap into our minds with great intent.

Peace and sweet dreams for today ! 🙏